Quality Assurance- Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

We call ourselves superheroes in the dark, because while the world sleeps we make sure that your space is not only clean, but safe and productive as well. Many times our effort is overlooked, as we are simply the janitors and cleaners, nothing special, right? But, you would be surprised at the amount of manpower it takes to clean the toilets every day. We run a very structured operation where we feel that client experience is of the utmost importance. We hope to take you along for the ride, but also give you the peace of mind that will free you of the responsibility of having to make sure we are doing our job. The following are a couple of the processes in place that help us keep up with expectations.

We are a big believer in being proactive, rather than reactive. To achieve this, we make sure to build a solid relationship with each of our clients. On a quarterly basis, our Directors go out with our Area Managers and sit down with our clients to review their satisfaction. They go over expectations, reality and areas of improvement. Without knowing our client’s pain points we can’t make sure we are meeting or exceeding their expectations. Facts are very important to us, and for that reason we employ a rating system that removes “feelings” from the equation. Instead of asking our clients if they are happy with the service, we ask for a rating from 1-10 that gauges their satisfaction with the service in accordance to the agreed upon scope of work. By collecting a rating we know where we stand with the customer, and what we can do to improve their experience.

Without knowing our client’s pain points we can’t make sure we are meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Another big quality assurance tool that we utilize are automated action items. Once a client makes the decision to use us as their service provider, we issue them a client specific hyperlink that puts us at their disposal. This link is specific to them and allows the user to submit requests or complaints by typing a brief description and entering their email address. Once submitted, this inquiry goes out to the Operations Team and the assigned Area Manager, so it will never be missed or lost in the abyss of emails. With this system, the client can expect an answer immediately and a resolution plan within 24 hours. The client is always in the loop with email notifications regarding the status of the inquiry. This system is closely monitored and has proven a great tool in providing quality service to our clients, they are part of the process without having to jump through hoops to reach us.

We have invested a lot of time and effort to streamline our process and provide the best customer experience for our clients. We want you to feel secure with your decision to let us take care of your facility’s janitorial needs. We understand that our business is not glamorous, but it is necessary to provide a glamorous experience for YOUR clients. We want your employees and clients to feel safe, productive and healthy in their professional environment, and that means we need to put on our capes every night and make sure we get it done.

If you would like to learn more about our processes and procedures, or are interested in scheduling a FREE consultation to review your janitorial needs please give us a call at 954-570-1165.

We look forward to hearing from you.
A&S Total Cleaning is a full service janitorial and post construction cleaning company. We offer everything from daily office cleanings and Porter service, to post-construction clean up, floor care and restoration. Managed services are our specialty and we pride ourselves on giving our clients an easy and worry free experience when it comes to their janitorial needs. Learn more about us at www.TotalCleaning.com This article has been created by Katie Rodriguez on behalf of A&S Total Cleaning